Rockstar Developing Cutting-Edge Engine For Next-Gen Platforms

Adam Barnes


The GTA 5 developer is looking to the future and is creating a core game engine with next-gen in mind.

Published on Dec 7, 2012

While GTA 5 won't be on PS4 or Xbox 720, it's clear Rockstar is looking to create an engine that will be ready for next-gen when it does finally roll around.

A job listing for a Core Engine Programmer at Rockstar North - the team based in Edinburgh and the ones currently working on GTA 5 - suggests that Rockstar is looking to build a next-gen engine.

The position is for "an experienced programmer to focus on core engine development" at Rockstar.

The job ad then claims the position "is an exciting opportunity to develop cutting-edge architectures and high performance systems for current and next-gen platforms."

It'll task the successful candidate with implementing all aspects of a game engine, from rendering and graphics to effects and lighting.

An additional role advertised on the site - for a Physics Programmer - ties into this new engine development. Though there's no mention of next-gen in this job posting, the successful candidate will be creating "cutting-edge physics and collision systems."

One of the requirements for this role even asks that the applicant has "prior experience driving and developing a physics engine", tying into the fact that Rockstar is looking to either develop a new game engine or evolve its current Rockstar Advanced Game Engine used in GTA 4.

Next-gen GTA, or something else entirely? What do you think?



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