Mass Effect On PS3 Sees 'Huge Gains In Performance'

David Lynch


Mass Effect is now available on PS3 thanks to BioWare's Mass Effect Trilogy pack and the original game has seen some improvements.

Published on Dec 6, 2012

Mass Effect has finally found itself on the PS3 and the game’s port has seen BioWare able to get ‘huge gains in performance’.

That’s according to BioWare’s external producer for the Mass Effect trilogy, Ryan Warden. Speaking to the Playstation blog, Warden revealed that the studio working on the conversion, Edge Of Reality, was able to use their knowledge of the PS3’s architecture and it was able to make a few beneficial changes.

“We got some huge gains in performance,” explained Warden, “especially with regard to texture popping, which has been dramatically improved – yet we were still able to maintain the classic look and feel of the introduction to the Mass Effect universe.”

It's not clear just how different the PS3 version of Mass Effect is to the Xbox 360 original, but Edge Of Reality has apparently kept the original look but also smoothed over a few of its technical issues.

“We partnered with Edge of Reality, an external team with whom we’ve worked on many previous projects. Edge of Reality has a deep understanding of how PS3 works, under the hood, so we thought the project would be a perfect fit.”

The PS3 Mass Effect Trilogy pack brings all three Mass Effect games to Sony’s console for the first time allowing players to take their own Shepard on his/her grand space adventure from beginning to end.

The Mass Effect Trilogy will be released December 7th.



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