Sucker Punch Working On Unannounced Game

Adam Barnes


Sony's inFamous developer is looking to expand its team for an unannounced project.

Published on Dec 6, 2012

Just what exactly are Sucker Punch up to? Sony's first party developer is looking for a number of new positions to bolster its team, but what for?

Sucker Punch has been quietly hiring a bevy of different roles as far back as September, with the most recent appearing as soon as 5 December 2012.

They're all your bread-and-butter positions, from Gameplay Engineers, Lighting and Texture Artists and even Mission Designers.

There's little in the way of details in each of the advertised roles, but the job description for Game Play Software Engineer states that the successful candidate will be working on implementing "game play features for our upcoming (and unannounced) project."

Other jobs require experience working on PlayStation titles previously, but given Sucker Punch's nature as a Sony first party dev this isn't exactly confirmation of anything.

So what is it? Sly 4 is in development at Sanzaru Games so it's not that, while rumours as far back as April 2011 suggest that Sucker Punch is actually working on a brand new IP. So perhaps not inFamous 3, either.

Additionally, a job posting in June 2011 for a senior producer specifically mentions the PS3 as the sole platform, so we can probably discount next-gen as a possibility too.

With the gap closing on the PS3's lifespan, Sony will probably want to announce whatever Sucker Punch is working on soon - will we see this revealed at the VGAs, perhaps, or will we have to wait until next year?



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