Ghostbusters iPhone Game On Its Way From Capcom

David Lynch


Ghostbusters is getting an iPhone game from Capcom's Smurf Village. Can busting still make you feel good?

Published on Dec 6, 2012

Capcom’s casual iOS studio, Beeline Interactive, is making a Ghostbusters game that it hopes will replicate the same success as Smurf’s Village.

According to MCV the Ghostbusters brand was chosen in the hope it would attract a male audience and that the game in general would replicate the enormous success of Smurf’s Village.

Ghostbusters on iOS will see players take up the role of a new Ghostbuster franchisee and, if Smurf's Village is any indication, spend time making small adjustments to the business and ensuring your team of busters is well equipped and ready to go.

Beeline Interactive’s has apparently seen downloads reach 74 million of its various titles, including: Smurf’s Village, Shrek and Peanuts.



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