Microsoft Files Complaint Over XboxFitness Domain Name

David Lynch


Microsoft makes a move on the domain name XboxFitness. Is it about to reveal a new service for Xbox Live?

Published on Dec 4, 2012

Microsoft has filed a complaint with the NAF (National Arbitration Forum) over the domain names and

Microsoft has made no official statement regarding Xbox Fitness or if there is a fitness-themed service coming to the Xbox 360, but it has applied to regain control of the domain names.

Spotted by Fusible, Microsoft apprantley made similar moves earlier in the year in order to gain control of the domain name before it launched that particular service.

According to the site Microsoft filed for European Community trademark last month for Xbox Fitness that covers ““Telecommunication services, namely, providing electronic transmission of video over the Internet.”

Is Microsoft about to reveal a new fitness service for the Xbox 360? With a Nike+ Kinect Training bundle currently in the works, it doesn’t seem like a stretch that Microsoft would be looking to expand on the fitness capabilities of the Xbox 360.



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