Next-Gen: Sony May Bring Eye-Tracking Contact Lenses To PS4

Adam Barnes


Is Sony's next-gen solution to videogames to take away the controller altogether?

Published on Dec 3, 2012

We've already seen Microsoft and Sony come up with some wacky ideas pertaining to next-gen gaming, such as Xbox 720's 3D environments that project images on your walls or Sony's plans to pause your gaming for ad-breaks.

But the latest patent of Sony's seems to suggest the console manufacturer is looking to be the weirdest one yet: magnetic contact lenses that will track your eye movements.

The patent - spotted by Patent Bolt - suggests a pair of contact lenses could be used with Sony's next-gen console to detect eye movement, gestures and even blinking to control menus, videogames and other software applications to trained actions.

Patent Bolt doesn't provide a link to the filing itself - which the site suggests was made as far back as May 2011 - and try as we might we were unable to find the listing through official patent and trademark websites.

However, the site does suggest that magnetic contact lenses would be cheaper and more portable than something like a high-resolution Kinect camera, and could even be combined to enable 3D viewing.

The contact lenses could sit above additional lenses used by those with poor eyesight too.

Additionally the patent suggests that a pair of glasses - and even an "optiional" neck band or bracelet - can be combined with the contact lenses to help detect the input.

We've included the image Patent Bolt found with the filing below.



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