GTA 5 Free T-Shirt With Pre-Orders

Ryan King


Those pre-ordering through Rockstar's official site get free Kifflom t-shirt… but only in the US.

Published on Nov 29, 2012

Those pre-ordering GTA 5 through Rockstar Warehouse will also nab a free 'Kifflom' t-shirt.

Kifflom is the religion cult associated with Epsilon Program, which Rockstar's viral marketing has been focusing on thus far.

Now to describe the t-shirt and flex our writing muscles! It's a light blue 100% cotton tee with KIFFLOM on the front and THE TRACT IS NOT YET WRITTEN on the back, just below the neckline. Light blue will hopefully be the colour in season next Spring, otherwise we will all look like fools.

Well, Americans will, as this pre-order bonus is only for those living in the US. Rockstar advises those in 'Europe and other territories' to stay tuned for info on what pre-orders will be available for them.



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