Curiosity: Update 2 Coming Next Week To Android, Later To iPhone

David Lynch


Curiosity's update 2 is coming to Android next week and iOS later and should bring stability to the Cube.

Published on Nov 29, 2012

Curiosity's update 2 should be coming to Android some time next week and then later to iOS, according to Peter Molyneux.

After facing server issues as the world's curiosity crippled 22 Cans' latest experiment, the cube's second update will bring far greater stability to the cube's surface and really allow players to see each other interacting with the cube's little cubes.

The new upate will roll out for both iOS and Android, but Molyneux has said that it will be coming to Android first and then to iOS later.

There was no mention how long the wait would be for those curious iOS tappers, with Molyneux only saying:

"It will be out on android next week and later on on iOS."

You can read NowGamer's full interview with Peter Molyneux where he breaks down Curiosity and gives us a glimpse into the development process at 22 Cans and what's coming next.

Or, find out what Molyneux needs to do to get 22 Cans' new project, Godus, funded.



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