Keiji Inafune: 'Gaming Technology Has Become Too Advanced'

Ryan King


Former Capcom legend feels gaming's 'element of surprise' has been lost.

Published on Nov 29, 2012

Specs and technology in gaming has 'become too advanced', according to former Capcom legend Keiji Inafune

Inafune was talking to Play magazine about Soul Sacrifice, a third-person action title for Vita with a concept he created. Play asked what it was about Soul Sacrifice than energised Inafune as a games designer.

"In the 25 years of gaming history that I have witnessed, there have been many technological revolutions and evolutions in the creation of games," Inafune replied. "However, recently the specs and technology have become too advanced, and I feel that the element of surprise is lost.

"When thinking about the next level of creativity, I thought that I could implement emotion in to the game system, such as 'emotional conflict', 'doubts' and 'the suffering of having to make the ultimate decisions' therefore taking a challenge with Soul Sacrifice that no-one has taken before."

It's an interesting time to make those comments, given the Wii U has just launched and the rumbling from Xbox 720 and PlayStation4 is growing louder by the day. But is Inafune right?

For more on Soul Sacrifice including the full interview with Inafune, check out issue 225 of Play, which features more from Pachter plus Jesse Divinich and his thoughts on Sony's next console. Play issue 225 is on sale now in both print and half-price digital editions.



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