PS4 Launch Date Is October Or November 2013 - Pachter

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"I don't think Sony wants to launch behind Microsoft again," says Wedbush Securities analyst.

Published on Nov 26, 2012

PlayStation 4 is due for launch in October or November 2013, predicts Michael Pachter.

"I don't think Sony wants to launch behind Microsoft again, so I'm confident we'll see a PS4 in October or November 2013," explained the Wedbush Securities Analyst, talking to Play magazine.

"It isn't likely that they will launch earlier, as it doesn't make sense to get out too far in front of software, and I'm pretty confident that few developers have been working on PS4 games for more than a year or so. Holiday 2013 will be a comfortable window for Sony, and will give them a chance to get a head start on Microsoft."

Pachter also thinks PlayStation 3 will continue to sell beyond that point.

"The PS3 probably has a solid three years left for sales, so it should make it comfortably to a 10-year life span," he continued. "There are a lot of people who are uncomfortable spending $250 for a console, so I think price cuts to the $199, $149 and $99 will extend the life of a console."

For more on PlayStation 4, check out issue 225 of Play, which features more from Pachter plus Jesse Divinich and his thoughts on Sony's next console. Play issue 225 is on sale now in both print and half-price digital editions.



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