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Are These The Graphics We Should Expect From The PS4?

Adam Barnes


PlanetSide 2 launched this week with some of the best visuals we've seen for a while, but is it something we can expect for next-gen?

PlanetSide 2 launched this week. It is a free-to-play FPS MMO with battles on an epic scale, not unlike CCP's Dust 514. PlanetSide 2 is a game that would work extremely well on consoles, so why isn't it available for Sony's PS3? 

Well, the graphics.

We're playing a lot of PlanetSide 2 for review at the moment, and one thing we're constantly amazed by is just how good looking Sony Online Entertainment has made PlanetSide 2.

There has been a lot of rumours and talk about whether or not PlanetSide 2 could come to PS3 and, to be honest, we don't think it is capable enough.

We won't deny the PS3 is a very capable machine, but take a look at the visuals on PlanetSide 2 in our screenshot gallery and we're sure you'll agree that it likely won't be until next-gen that we'll see console visuals that can match this.

Which is a shame because, from what we've played already, PlanetSide 2 is well suited to the console. It might be an MMO, but it doesn't seem as intensive as most MMOs, even when compared to Dust 514.

And if you want to see these outstanding visuals in action, take a look at our gameplay video, showing off our first confusing minutes with PlanetSide 2.

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