GTA 5: Shelby Welinder Confirms She's 'Blonde Girl' In Artwork

Adam Barnes


We assumed it was just a weird GTA 5 rumour, turns out it was entirely true.

Published on Nov 23, 2012

Yesterday we went live with a collection of the weirdest (and dumbest) GTA 5 rumours we had seen scattered around the internet.

One particular rumour suggested that Shelby Wellinder was the model that the bikini-clad blonde girl in the GTA 5 artwork (below) was based on.

In our article we claimed Shelby Welinder hadn't yet commented. Well, now she has.

In a Tweet to NowGamer, Welinder quoted our article, attaching an image that she said was her "comment" on the rumour.

The image is a photo of an invoice, showing that Shelby Welinder was paid by Rockstar for a Rockstar video game.

Click for original image from Shelby.

If that wasn't enough, she then took to the GTAVforums to offer her comments on the matter.

"It's nice to see all these people referring to me as a porn star and a slut," Welinder said, "Quite entertaining to say the least. I worked for R* and signed a release that said I'd be listed in the game credits.

"I honestly don't care about that because: 1) Doesn't benefit my modeling/acting portfolio in anyway, 2) I received my check already, 3) I was just happy to work for this company (I grew up playing GTA)"

She then tried to post the photo of the invoice she had on the forum, but couldn't upload it to the GTA 5 forum.

"I can't figure how to post it on here directly (thought I could upload pic) but I'll post a picture of my check so people can stop trashing me.

"I received the job via my acting agency. I'm not accepting friend requests on FB, I can be followed on twitter but am very boring. Many thanks."

So there you are, blonde girl found.

GTA 5 Blonde Girl Artwork



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