Xbox TV Coming In 2013 - Rumour

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Xbox TV, a next gen Xbox SKU aimed at delivering TV apps and casual and Kinect games to players could be arriving next year.

Published on Nov 22, 2012

Xbox TV, a smaller, less-powerful Xbox aimed at delivering Xbox Live’s entertainment apps as well as play Kinect and casual games, could be the second SKU that will accompany a full next gen Xbox if recent rumours are to be believed.

The Verge is reporting on sources that claim Microsoft is planning a two-thronged next gen plan that will see it release two wildly different types of Xbox consoles. Xbox TV will be aimed at capturing the casual, Kinect playing crowd, giving them access to Xbox Live’s entertainment features and possibly Xbox Live Arcade, too.

Xbox TV is apparently a low-cost alternative to a proper core next gen Xbox and might run Windows 8 and focus on an ‘always-on’ experience much more like a set-top box. Xbox TV is rumoured to be launching next Christmas, possibly alongside the long-rumoured next gen Xbox.

Xbox TV sounds like a plausible approach to the casual/core divide providing audiences with a very clear and distinct choice. It isn’t the first time Microsoft has tried this, too. The Xbox 360 launched with two SKUs and these latest rumours offer the logical continuation of this thinking.

Xbox TV wouldn’t sell on the strength of its games, but on its ability to provide families with the Kinect experience and tons of TV options. As long as the 'core' next gen experience is impressive enough, Xbox TV could provide an excellent alternative.



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