Halo 4: Playlist Update Inbound, Exploits Patched

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Halo 4's multiplayer is getting a playlist update as well as 343 Industries fixing some of the known exploits.

Published on Nov 22, 2012

Halo 4 is receiving new updates to its playlist every Monday, but 343 Industries is also piggybacking a number of patches into the updates that should improve Halo 4’s multiplayer in a number of areas.

First seen by MP1st, the latest update brings these fixes to Halo 4’s multiplayer:

•    Fixed exploit locations on Complex
•    Fixed exploit locations on Haven
•    Fixed exploit locations on Ragnarok
•    Increased daily XP cap
•    Reduced weighting for Ragnarok in BTB/KotH/CTF
•    Reduced weighting for Haven in Infinity Slayer and SWAT

343 is also updating its playlist with what it’s calling its Free-For-All Throwback playlist, which will give new Halo players a chance to play some of Halo’s popular past gametypes. Team Snipers will be replaced with Oddball and King OF The Hill, but here’s a list of the maps you’ll be playing on:

•    Haven
•    Adrift
•    Complex
•    Solace
•    Abandon

Also, Halo 4’s community manager, Jessica Shea, provides some handy tips for surviving the new multiplayer modes:

While holding the ball, if your closest rival or the game leader is close to killing you, try throwing the Oddball away from them to deny them points.

The Oddball is an instant kill with a melee attack. This is a huge help up-close.

While holding the Oddball, remember that others can see your location.

Grenades and weapons with high impulse will push the Oddball away. Use this to prevent an enemy from picking up the ball.

King of the Hill
The points fanfare now counts up above your reticle. Keep an eye on exactly how many points you’re earning while in the hill.

Timing when you go into the hill is a big game changer. It’s often best to clear out enemies before rushing in.

Targeting your competition is huge. Take down your closest rivals vying for each valuable point in the hill.

When a hill reaches 5 points or less, the next hill will be highlighted on your HUD as “INCOMING”. Keep an eye on this, and plan your moves in advance.

On maps with vehicles, use them to help dominate a hill (and earn special vehicle hill medals while you do it!).



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