WII U: Nintendo 'Shouldn't Compete With Sony & Microsoft' - Analyst

Adam Barnes


Nintendo should focus on its own identity for the Wii U if it's to succeed, says Jesse Divnich.

Published on Nov 21, 2012

EEDAR's Jesse Divnich has already spoken to us about Nintendo's Wii U launch, citing it a success despite the initial issues; but he's still well aware that Nintendo has the hardest part of the job left.

"It really comes down to messaging," Divnich tells us, "and I feel like the Wii U is in an awkward place with its identity.

"On one side of the coin, Nintendo has done an excellent job at messaging to the casual and mainstream audience. They've done enough to convince the mainstream that the Wii U is a worthy upgrade to the Wii."

It's the core market that Nintendo is struggling to appeal to, claims Divnich, "On the other side, Nintendo and the third-parties are still trying to pitch the Wii U as delivering a core experience.

"Don't get me wrong, all the core launch titles play beautifully; however, the problem is that gamers don't want a core experience on the Wii U. There is already two systems that satisfy the core experience."

Divnich cites Sega's MadWorld as an example of just how ignored a core game, however good, can be on a Nintendo console suggesting that just because most people own a Wii "that doesn’t necessarily mean they want a core experience."

Nintendo needs to be wary of trying to target too many types of gamers to the Wii U, with Divnich claiming that Nintendo could end up in trouble if it tries to provide an experience akin to the PS3 or the Xbox 360.

"Nintendo has always operated at their own pace. It has worked well for them and I don't think the Wii U is a scenario where Nintendo was rushing to market. There will be issues, however, if Nintendo attempts to compete with Sony and Microsoft at their own game (again, delivering core experiences, superior online services, etc.)."

Despite the innovation in Miiverse, Nintendo has already been chastised by many gamers for its single account per Wii U and restrictions on Nintendo Network, proving Divnich's thoughts on the matter.



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