Wii U 'Launch Was A Success' Despite The Issues - Analyst

Adam Barnes


It might all seem like doom and gloom, but Jesse Divnich believes the Wii U launch was a success for Nintendo.

Published on Nov 21, 2012

It seems most hardware launches are met with a element of negativity these days, and Nintendo's Wii U is no different: freezing errors, accidental hacking and even a THQ developer slating the hardware inside the Wii U are just some of the teething pains it's been met with.

But EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich believes it was a successful launch for the Wii U, even despite the issues.

"The Nintendo Wii-U launch was a success," he tells us, "There were issues. Issues that are common among hardware launches and Nintendo should address them over time."

We've no doubt Nintendo will either, but will this negativity affect Nintendo's Wii U sales going into Christmas? Divnich doesn't think so.

"Nintendo will have a successful holiday season, as they always do. I have no concerns about the Wii-U's success through the holidays."

All's well that ends well, then. 

Will you be buying a Wii U when it launches in Europe, or has all its issues managed to put you off?




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