Slow CPU Will Shorten Wii U's Life - DICE Dev

David Lynch


Wii U's limited technology might lead to Nintendo's new console having a shorter lifespan when the Xbox 720 and PS4 arrive.

Published on Nov 21, 2012

Nintendo’s Wii U has come under a lot of fire over the last few days with many early adopters in the US claiming that the processing power inside isn’t actually up to much.

Even Metro: Last Light's developers have described the Wii U’s CPU as 'horrible’ and ‘slow’ and backing up these claims is DICE’s lead designer, Gustav Halling.

Talking on Twitter, Halling spoke candidly about Nintendo’s Wii U and its supposed lack of power.

“I don't actually know what makes it slow, but enough "tech" people I trust in world are saying the same things.”

“GPU and ram is nice to have shaders/textures loaded. Physics and gameplay run on CPU mostly so player count is affected etc.”

Speaking over Twitter, Halling confirmed that many developers were talking about the Wii U as a console that might not have the processing legs to compete in the long term and when the Xbox 720 and PS4 arrive.

“This is also what I been hearing within the industry, to bad since it will shorten its life a lot when new gen. starts.”



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