GTA: Vice City Heading To iPhone & Android This December

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GTA: Vice City is on its way to a phone near you this December.

Published on Nov 21, 2012


Rockstar has released a list of supported deveices that you'll be able to play GTA: Vic City on. You can find out if your iPhone or Android will run Vice City on its website.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is on its way to iPhone, iPad and Android this December, Rockstar has announced.

Announcing it over Twitter, Rockstar confirmed what many had already assumed, GTA: Vice City was on its way to iOS and Android.

Heading to Apple store on 6th December for 'select devices' GTA: Vice City will be released to celebrate the game's 10th anniversary in much the same way that Rockstar recently released GTA 3 on iOS and Android.

Rockstar priced GTA 3 at £2.99 for iOS and Android, but considering Vice City's excellent soundtrack, should we expect it to cost a bit more?

Also, when Rockstar says 'select devices' this might refer to Vice City needing a specific iPhone or Android, with the newer, beefier hardware in order to run it.

When Rockstar lays down the specifics we'll let you know.




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