Halo 4: It's 'Exciting' To See 343 Industries' Game Says Bungie

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Halo 4 is out and Bungie says it's excited to see where 343 Industries has taken the Master Chief and its universe.

Published on Nov 21, 2012

Halo 4 has made a big impact, but ex-developers Bungie says it's excting to see where 343 Industries takes series, even it isn't at the helm.

Halo 4 was 343 Industries chance to push Bungie's popular Halo series in new directions and going by the positive reviews and huge sales of the latest installment, Halo 4 has become a massive success.

With Bungie hard at work on its new (not to mention very secret) Destiny project it must have strange watching another studio release a successful and popular Halo game. Bungie’s Destiny has been described as Halo crossed with Elite, but what does it think of 343’s changes to its classic formula.

Writing on its blog Destiny’s graphic designer, John Stvan, revealed that Bungie had indeed kept a close eye on the series and were very proud of the work it had done on previous Halo games.

“It’s exciting to see a new adventure for the Master Chief, even if we’re not at the helm. Bungie will never forget Halo. That series of games will always be a cherished part of our heritage as a studio, even if we have moved on.”

“We’re proud of what we created in that universe, and it’s an honor to see that people still want to explore it. Plus, until we give you something new to talk about, and we will, it’s perfectly logical that our conversations will turn to Halo. There are people who still pop up on Twitter to reminisce about Myth or Marathon or ONI.”

Destiny is rumoured to be scheduled for release next year, but Stvan didn’t reveal when Bungie would be able to give its fans something else to talk about. Details are beginning to emerge that at least give us some idea what Bungie is working on, though.



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