Wii U: Freezing Update Coming Next Week

David Lynch


Wii U's freezing issues could be resolved next week with reports that Nintendo might be releasing a second patch.

Published on Nov 21, 2012

Nintendo's Wii U has launched in the US with early reports that the console's 5GB day-one patch is forcing some systems to freeze up or 'brick'.

It's not clear how common the freezing issue is with the Wii U, but there are enough that Nintendo is apparently working on a second patch to help resolve the issues.

Though Nintendo hasn’t officially announced that it is working on a second update for the Wii U a Neogaf user spotted that one Reddit Wii U user, TheFlashMastaB, had simply asked a Nintendo tech support agent if the freezing issue would be resolved.

"I called about my Wii U locking up at random and the lady surprised me when she said that I should wait until next week to apply the new system update that should fix the issue and if it does not then I should call back and do further troubleshooting."

Just to make sure he wasn't misunderstanding the Nintendo rep, the Wii U user pushed for confirmation.

"So I asked her "are you telling me that there will be a update for the Wii U next week that will fix these freezing issues?" and she again said that there would be an update and it would likely fix my problem."



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