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Minecraft follow-up 0x10c won't be heading to Minecon 2012, but Notch gives a look at the new editor.

Published on Nov 21, 2012

Minecraft’s bizarre sci-fi-based follow-up, 0x10c, from Markus ‘Notch’ Persson won’t be heading to Minecon 2012, according to a recent tweet from the man himself.

There had been a spot of confusion when Notch tweeted confirming that 0x10c would be in attendance, but this turned out to be just a typo.

“Ahhh! I had a typo in my previous tweet, which explains the confusing replies I'm getting. I meant to say we're NOT showing 0x10c at Minecon”

Minecon 2012 is taking place between 24-25 November at Disneyland Paris, but you won’t be able to see how 0x10c is shaping up, unfortunately. This probably also means that 0x10c might not be heading to PC next year with the next game Notch release more than likely the in-development Scrolls.

Notch admitted that development was proceeding, but not fast enough for 0x10c to be ready for Minecon.

"There's no way this will be finished in time, especially considering how inefficient my panic coding is."

To keep fans of the cryptic 0x10c interested though, Notch also tweeted an image of the games new editor, which will allow players to interact with 0x10c’s environments.

Heading to Minecon next year? What are you looking forward to most (and you can say the roller coasters if you want)? Let us know below.



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