Day Z Standalone Will Include Cholera & Typhoid Fever

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Day Z's standalone conversion is going to painstaking detail in order to recreate the zombie apocalypse, but has Dean 'Rocket' Hall gone too far?

Published on Nov 20, 2012

Day Z’s standalone conversion is well into development, but developer Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall has confirmed that the new ‘full’ game could be markedly different from the original mod.

Taking to Twitter to update his followers on the games progress, Hall confirmed that development of the Day Z standalone conversion had led the game into some interesting new areas of survival horror. According to Hall players may be able to contract Cholera and Typhoid fever on their travels.

“Cholera, Typhoid fever... the level of detail we're going with diseases in game is so freaking awesome and scary... #dayzstandalone” 

This could mean that the standalone version of Day Z could end up being far bigger and far more ambitious than previously thought. It might be much more than just an updated (and much more stable) version of the excellent mod.



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