Iron Sky: Invasion Heading To Xbox 360, PS3, PC, iPhone & Android

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Iron Sky's moon Nazis are heading to a console near you really soon. Are you ready for Iron Sky: Invasion?

Published on Nov 20, 2012

Iron Sky, the outlandish German sci-fi that sees a secret Nazi moon installation that’s been dormant since 1945 return to invade the modern world, has it’s very own videogame adaptation heading to consoles, PC and tablets.

Iron Sky: Invasion is heading to all the major platforms and takes the old school WWII flight sim genre and gives it the moon Nazi treatment. Taking inspiration from Star Wars: X-Wing – which itself was an evolution of a WWII dogfighter from LucasArts – Iron Sky Invasion is exploiting its crazy setting to produce a game in-keeping with the films zany premise.

Developed by Reality Pump of Two Worlds and Two Worlds 2 fame, Iron Sky: Invasion looks just as mental as you would imagine. The game’s website is counting down to release and Amazon has the release date set for 12 December, though we struggled to find it listed on other retailer's sites.

If you’ve yet to see just how awesome and crazy the Iron Sky movie actually is, check out the trailer below or look for it on LoveFilm. 



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