Wii U Best Prices & Cheapest Deals

Adam Barnes


Us poor gamers stuck in the EU will need to wait to get hold of our Wii U's, but at least we can save a few pennies.

Published on Nov 19, 2012

The Wii U launch in the US has been plagued with issues, and maybe that'll affect your decision to buy one.

It's safe to assume that Nintendo will fix all of these problems, and if you're still excited you may want to pre-order your Wii U ahead of the launch on the 30 November.

So we've scoured the internet for the best prices, and even that seems to be a bit of a mess - some places sell just the basic Wii U, others only the premium bundle while some sites didn't even have a price.

So we've got a selection of major retailers that do have the console for sale, some of the best bundles and the cheapest places to pre-order.

Wii U Best Prices & Cheapest Deals

Amazon is the absolute cheapest place to just buy the console, with the white basic Wii U 8GB pack coming in at £248.00 - but remember this doesn't come with a game.

Amazon also has the black premium Wii U 32GB pack for £299.99, coming with a copy of Nintendo Land.

ShopTo has a number of different bundles for the Wii U console available, but its cheapest is for £279.85 - which is the Nintendo Wii U 8GB and a copy of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

For five pounds extra you can get the same bundle but with Nintendo Land instead, which is probably worth the extra money.

ShopTo's premum bundles start at £329.86 with Darksiders 2 and Nintendo Land (which comes with all premium Wii U packs).

The other games releasing alongside the Wii U also have their own bundles, costing £334.85 for the premum Wii U pack and games like Mass Effect 3, Batman: Arkham City or FIFA 13. The best, however, is probably the bundle that comes with New Super Mario Bros U.

Zavvi only seem to have one product for sale, the basic 8GB model, and that comes in at £249.95 - this comes with no games and there are no bundles.

Play is the same, offering only the basic Wii U 8GB console with no games for £259.99. You probably won't want to go for that one.

Lastly there's HMV, who only seems to have the premium bundles available. It has the basic pack - which comes with Nintendo Land - for £299.99.

Best of all is its top-end bundle, however, that comes with the 32GB console, Nintendo Land and ZombiU for £329.99 - which is better than ShopTo's bundles.



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