Wii U Review Round-Up: Hardware

Adam Barnes


The Wii U is out now, and so we round up the reviews from around the web on Nintendo's next-generation hardware.

Published on Nov 19, 2012

Nintendo dives into its next-generation of consoles - even if you don't count it as such - and the Wii U is out now in America. 

As such a number of US-based websites have had their reviews both on the Wii U hardware and the accompanying launch games.

We'll be bringing our Wii U review a little closer to the EU launch, but if you simply can't wait for a consensus, here's a round up of Wii U hardware reviews and games reviews, including New Super Mario Bros, Zombi U and many other third party titles.

Wii U Reviews: Hardware

There's a lot of mixed thoughts on the Wii U, it seems, with many complimenting the build of the hardware, but noting problems with the OS itself.

Similarly, a lot of publications specify that the hardware is practically useless without the huge 5GB, day-one patch. Here's some reviews.


Largely optimistic, but notes issues with software and OS taking its time. "It could be that everything will work wonderfully once it's out, but being cautious never hurt anyone."


Notes a lot of the services being withheld so far - TVii, Miiverse and Nintendo Network were restricted access prior to the patch - means Engadget felt it was "impossible for us to pass judgment on the whole package just yet."

It did finish by suggesting that, as it stands, "the Wii U doesn't compete at all with even last-gen consoles."

The Verge:

Easily one of the more negative reviews, nonetheless noting some of the potential for the hardware stating "these moments of brilliance are for the moment overshadowed by the clumsiness of the system."

Even the hardware quality, which most seem to praise, does not impress The Verge, saying it "seems more like a prototype than a polished product."


Stating its innovation as a reason to get excited for the Wii U, T3 is fairly positive in its review, even if it does admit to some concessions.

The site claims the Wii U is "a potential-packed system that plays like a dream and at a decent, if not recession-proof, price," while also stating it is an "obvious" upgrade to the Wii.


Largely positive, praising the GamePad's speed and quality, Miiverse ("a social network devoted entirely to having fun") but criticising the slow OS and poor GamePad battery life.

In closing, Joystiq claim "Nintendo has always excelled in taking unexpected steps, and this is one of them, even if it lacks the immediate "aha" appeal of the Wii Remote."


Mostly positive, complimenting the overall experience and the GamePad as a whole. It does criticise the battery life of the controller, stating it will be an issue for anyone unable to keep the controller on charge.

Jim Sterling closes by saying, "I wish the Wii U all the success in the world, because I am behind it. Conceptually, it's exciting, and in practice it works."


1up's review is a little different with perspectives from different writers, but nonetheless accepts the potential of the hardware.

One comment best summarises the review, however, stating "The system certainly shouldn't be your only outlet for gaming," before going on to explain the benefits of the Wii U.


Another that praises the potential of the hardware, but notes a number of issues.

Most telling is the summary, which doesn't seem to be able to sit on either side of the fence, making the fair point that "The problem is that we seem to want everything to just leap out of its box and sing to us now."



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