GTA 5 Second Trailer Analysed: Characters, Locations, Vehicles Detailed

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The second GTA 5 trailer is here, but what does it tell us?

Published on Nov 14, 2012

GTA 5's second gameplay trailer is here. It's good. Funny. It's GTA 5! If you haven't seen it, go and watch the second GTA 5 trailer now.

But what does it show us about the game? We delve deep into the trailer to find out what secrets it hides:

GTA 5 Second Trailer Analysed

  • One of the three main characters, the older one named Michael, has "been in the game for years".
  • He owns an RF - a car based on the Audi R8.
  • The screenshot of the Vinewood condo with a tennis court released by Rockstar a few weeks ago is actually Michael's home.
  • Different types of trains are seen with tankers and cargo carriages instead of passenger trains. Will we be able to hijack them for money?
  • Articulated lorries - along with the cargo they're carrying - can be seen on the highway. Are they returning from GTA: San Andreas?
  • Trevor Phillips - the unhinged second playable character - makes his money by smuggling drugs and guns. He refers to his 'business' as Trevor Phillips Enterprises.
  • Pibwasser - the German lager brand first seen in GTA 4 - is returning.
  • An old, dusty car can be seen near the advert for Pibwasser and resembles an old Ford or Volkswagen car. Driveable? Maybe.
  • One of the haircuts available in the game is a faux mohawk with shaved sides. Cool(?)
  • A low-rider style car can be seen during Trevor's segment: it looks kind of like an old Vigero.
  • Dune buggies, like the ones seen in San Andreas around Bone County, are returning.
  • Flammable materials are shown off - even blowing up a building.
  • There are small buses. Fast-travel? Hijack-able?
  • Franklin is the third character and wants to meet someone called Roberto at his beachhouse.
  • When Franklin speaks to Michael, the word 'Ballas' has been scrawled on the bench. The Ballas Gang were a gang in GTA: San Andreas.

  • A red sports car - resembling a Porshe or a Lotus - is seen in a race with the RF. It could be the return of GTA's Comet car, from the design of the headlamps.
  • Another sports car is seen driving fast - it kind of looks like a Maserati Gran Turismo, which doesn't really have a GTA equivalent. Not yet, anyway.
  • Franklin also speaks to another character, which we assume to be his sister.
  • Franklin then speaks to another male man - seen earlier when speaking to Michael. It's not clear who this is though, maybe Franklin's brother?
  • Michael is attending psychotherapy and has a son. His son has a tattoo which reads 'Entitled' on his neck.
  • Trevor seems to own his own plane, a red four-engine biplane.
  • One of the missions is set inside a bank, during a bank heist. A glimpse of the safe 'cracking' is seen.
  • Dogs are confirmed, chasing an unseen character. This unseen character is also shot at in a drive-by shooting.
  • Additional clips from heists highlight the mission discussed in many news outlets where the player rappels down a building, as well as the jewelry store robbery with the three characters dressed up in extermination outfits.
  • Some of the names of areas seen on the highway signs are: Del Perro Fwy (Freeway), W. (West?) Elipse Blvd and Bay City Avenue.
  • Another mission shows someone driving a Rancher (Range Rover) out of an airplane.
  • Dirt bike races with what looks like a more realistic physics system (bikes seem to lose balance and slide along the ground, with characters falling off). May be a cut scene, however.
  • More trains. This time two different ones collide with each other. That's a lot of exciting looking missions!
  • The trio is seen standing near a military helicopter. It looks to have missies and guns attached to it: please give us Vigilante missions.
  • A jet plane fires a rocket at a helicopter.
  • Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts is back! The donut store has a billboard alongside a highway suggesting you "Pick Your Ring". Hilarious innuendo aside, look closely and you'll spot the Rusty Brown's Ring Donut logo.

  • At the end of the trailer all three characters respond to an unseen action with one hiding his eyes, one covering his mouth and the last covering his ears. This represents the See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil adage.



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