Black Ops: Declassified Had A 5 Month Dev Cycle - Report

Adam Barnes


Ever wondered why we've seen so little of Call Of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified? There could be a reason for that.

Published on Nov 14, 2012

Despite announcing the game alongside the reveal of the PS Vita, Sony failed to show off anything on Black Ops: Declassfied as late as Gamescom this year.

There could be a reason for this, however. 

Internet sleuth Superannuation revealed on Twitter that development on Black Ops: Declassified didn't really start at Nihilistic Software until Resistance: Burning Skies had shipped.

The latter released in May, giving the team at Nihilistic a 4-5 window to develop a Black Ops PS Vita game to release alongside the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Black Ops 2.

Superannuation then goes on to point out that Call Of Duty 3 - which is considered one of the worst Call Of Duty games and was developed by Treyarch - only had an 8 month development cycle for five different platforms.

How true this is it's hard to say, but Superannuation is often spot-on with these things and - honestly - it would explain a lot.



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