Curiosity's 'Willies Are Getting Bigger & More Realistic' - Molyneux

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Curiosity has seen some shocking things appear on its surface, according to 22 Cans' Peter Molyneux.

Published on Nov 13, 2012

Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube is giving players a totally unique experience and while some are using it to explore social co-operation towards a single goal, others are using it to draw phallic symbols or, as Peter Molyneux puts it, willies.

Ever since 22 Cans unleashed Curiosity onto the public part of the studio's experiment was watching the psychological behaviour and interaction between its users.

“That’s really what I wanted to experiment with,” explained Molyneux in a recent NowGamer interview. “Given people’s really limited way of communicating, and they can only communicate through their taps, what would happen if everyone came together and did things together.”

As it turns out, Curiosity isn’t just about tapping away boxes and attempting to find out what’s inside, it’s also about communicating with the unseen players around you. But, and 22 Cans expected this, others are communicating in a less than polite manner.

“Already we can see some really interesting psychological behaviour. You see that there’re a lot of willies that appear on the cube. Every time a surface gets cleared the willy drawers come in and their willies are getting bigger and they’re getting more realistic and they’re starting to spurt DNA all over the cube and stuff like that.”

“It’s funny, but what’s amazing then is how everyone else either comes and changes the willy, make it bigger or turn it into something else like the face of a dog or they’ll blot it out. And it’s such a temporal art form; it’s like a big white wall in a city that allows people to put their own stamp on it. It is incredible to see all that happen.”

You can read NowGamer’s full interview with Peter Molyneux and find out about the curious people using Curiosity.



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