Curiosity Server Problems 'My Fault' - Molyneux

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Curiosity's server woes are down to Peter Molyneux's underestimation of the power of curiosity, but the update is now live.

Published on Nov 13, 2012

Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube has seen incredible numbers of users signing on to tap away and be in with a chance of discovering what’s at the centre of 22 Cans’ cube.

With server issues stopping many from tapping, 22 Cans has been on emergency lockdown as it attempted to get the issues sorted out as quickly as possible. So what exactly was the problem?

“So, here’s the thing – the whole problem was my fault really,” explained Peter Molyneux to NowGamer. “When we were planning Curiosity I said “I can’t imagine more than 10,000 people, or maybe 50,000 people, downloading and tapping and most people will probably tap a couple of hundred times and then be done”. A lot of the architecture of our server solution was based on that and then [the team] doubled and tripled the number from my estimations to 100,000 and 150,000.”

But, and if you've been tapping away at Curiosity's surface with the massess you'll know, that's not exactly what happened.

“What actually happened was two terrible (and wonderful) things. The first terrible thing that happened was that 150,000 [users] was achieved within 12 hours of the app being launched and the second terrible thing was that it wasn’t that people were tapping a few hundred times, but some people were tapping a few hundred thousand times.”

An unexpected (not mention enormous) number of users crippled 22 Cans’ server and with Curiosity unable to come offline, Molyneux’s team had to work on the issues while people were still tapping away. With the update now fixed and multiple servers able to take the strain as and when needed, Curiosity is back working again. 

“At four thirty this morning we finished our solution and launched it and so the service is a lot better,” explained Molyneux. “Now we’ve got this scary thing were we can scale up the number of servers we’ve got and each one of these servers cost hundred and hundreds of pounds, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds, and we climbing towards well over 2 million people on the cube now.”

Look out for NowGamer's full interview with Peter Molyneux.



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