Black Ops 2: You Could Be Banned For Boosting, Glitching & Swearing

Adam Barnes


Treyarch has detailed the plethora of ways to get banned from playing Black Ops 2: be warned.

Published on Nov 12, 2012

It'd be a safe bet to assume you've used offensive language while playing Call Of Duty, but you might want to watch yourself when playing Black Ops 2 from tonight.

Treyarch has detailed the ways in which you could get banned from Black Ops 2 and while many are common sense - no glitching, hacking or boosting - some are a little more ambiguous.

More specifically we're talking about the "Any user who is found to use aggressive, offensive, derogatory or racially charged language is subject to penalty" part of the clause, and since offense is subjective anyone saying anything at all could, within these guidelines, get a ban.

The set of rules deems a minor offense being something that has "no quantifiable damage" to anyone, while a major offense is something that causes a detriment to any other player.

Temporary bans can last from 48 hours to 2 weeks, depending on the severity of the infraction. Permanent bans are for more extreme cases and, as the term suggests, lasting and final.

The potential concerns that could lead to a ban are: modding/hacking, pirated content, unsupported peripherals or applications, boosting, glitching and offensive behaviour.

Additionally, creating offensive, racist or sexually explicit Emblems can lead to a ban.

Black Ops 2's new livestreaming functionality will have its own set of restrictions too, and bans associated with this won't necessarily lead to bans on playing the game online.

Mostly these guidelines are based around trademarks and offensive material.

Check out the full details - and what constitutes a minor or extreme offense - over on the official Black Ops 2 website. And remember, be on your best behaviour.



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