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Get every fact about GTA 5 right here. Gameplay, characters, locations and everything else summarised in bullet point form.

Published on Nov 8, 2012

GTA 5. It's the only reason you're here. So let's not beat around the bush, Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series is about to get its greatest entry yet, and we've gathered every single fact we can about the game.

We've condensed it all into just the facts too, so there's no clever words or witty text. Just the GTA 5 facts, pure and simple.

Most of this is garnered from info and quotes from the Game Informer cover story on GTA 5, but others from Tweets and info from around the web.

All The GTA 5 Facts

  • GTA 5 will be releasing on PS3 and Xbox 360.
  • No mention of a PC release just yet.
  • GTA 5's release date is set for Spring 2013 - likely between April and June.
  • Will feature the biggest world in the series. Los Santos is bigger than the worlds of Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and GTA 4 combined.
  • Musical scores will build up during exciting moments of gameplay, just like in Red Dead Redemption or Max Payne 3.
  • There will be no celebrity voice actors.

GTA 5's Character Details

  • There are three playable protagonists.
  • Players can switch between any of the three characters at the press of a button.
  • Switching characters is done through a Google Earth-style zoom out before transitioning to the new character.
  • When you're not in control of a character they will go about their daily business, and you can even switch over to them while they're in the middle of something. 
  • Each character has their own story arc, but they will combine together in several "complicated, multitiered heists", much like GTA 4's Three Leaf Clover.
  • These heists are a big theme for the game.
  • The oldest of the three characters - the one seen in the trailer - is called Michael and is in his early 40s. He lives in Rockford Hills (Beverly Hills) and used to be a highly successful bank robber. He made a deal with the FIB and is now in the witness protection program.
  • Trevor is the name of a second character, the younger white man on the left of the Game Informer cover image (above). He is maniacal and crude. He is a former war veteran with flight experience.
  • The third protagonist is named Franklin. He is the character in the middle of the Game Informer cover.
  • There will be additional friends to meet depending on the character you play as. Confirmed names are Lamar (Franklin's crazy friend), Jimmy (Michael's son), Ron (Trevor's best friend) and Amanda (Michael's wife).
  • Characters will be returning from GTA 4 and the Episodes From Liberty City. Niko Bellic or the PS2 era characters won't be returning, however. "You wouldn't ever see CJ or Tommy Vercetti" in GTA 5.
  • Switching during a mission is done by presenting the option at particular moments. This gives you choice over how you want to play a mission.

GTA 5's Los Santos & Gameplay Details

  • Ammu-Nation is returning.
  • A desert region will be available to explore. This is Blaine County.
  • There will be different reactions from NPCs in the game: thugs will react differently to soccer moms.
  • Vehicles and items can be doused in gasoline and set on fire, while trails of gasoline can be created to destroy them from a distance.
  • Vehicles set on fire will burn realistically, setting the tyres on fire first, then the chassis and - once it reaches the gas tank - will explode.
  • For driving, the cars will "hold to the ground a bit better." Driving feels more like a racing game and won't feel as "big and boatlike" as GTA 4.
  • Shooting has evolved beyond where it was "in any previous game."
  • Melee combat has been improved, but "it's never going to be as big a deal as shooting" but will still feel "fun and strong".
  • There won't be RPG-style customation like in San Andreas.
  • Romances won't exist in GTA 5.
  • Similarly, you won't be getting phone calls from your friends all the time.
  • The in-game phone will be a more "contemporary phone" so you can access the internet through it, etc.
  • You won't be able to buy property, but there will be plenty to spend your cash on. It is a "vibrant and fun" economy.
  • Random encounters will be returning, but in a "bigger way". There will be a "far greater array of them" and huge numbers of "other pedestrians and other systems".
  • Red Dead Redemption style dynamic mission will be included in GTA 5.  Some examples include hitchhikers, broken-down cars, catching muggers, attacking security vans or even coming across a sea of dead bodies in the middle of a desert to explore.
  • NPCs won't just be walking from place to place, GTA 5 has a system built into it where NPCs will act out certain activities dependant on person, location and time of day. 

GTA 5 Multiplayer Details

  • Multiplayer will be returning, and a reveal is due 'another time'. 
  • Dan Houser claims "we're ever closer to nailing the fun and excitement of open-world multiplayer."
  • Crews (from Max Payne 3) will be returning in GTA 5.

Confirmed activities in GTA 5

Here are all the activities already confirmed for GTA 5. Some are unique to certain characters.

  • Base jumping
  • Tennis
  • Scuba diving
  • Yoga
  • Customisation with different clothing.
  • Entertainment (no specifics given just yet).
  • Triathlons
  • Golf (and not the caged stuff like in The Ballad Of Gay Tony).

Confirmed vehicles in GTA 5

Here's every single vehicle we know of in GTA 5:
  • Cheetah
  • Sentinel XS
  • Bodhi
  • 9F (based on the Audi R8)
  • Bicycles. These include BMX, mountain bikes, road bikes and dirt bikes.
  • Jet skis
  • ATVs

Confirmed locations in GTA 5

Here's every single location we know exists in GTA 5:
  • Rockford Hills
  • Blaine County
  • Vespucci Beach
  • Mount Chiliad, which is fully explorable.
  • You'll also be able explore the ocean floor with scuba diving gear.



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