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Hitman: Absolution Artist Reveals Stunning, NSFW Character Renders

Tom Hopkins

Agent 47 and friends are the subject of a new CG character gallery from former character lead Tom Isaksen.

Hitman: Absolution will feature nuns with guns and at least one visit to a strip club, but now we've been given a closer look at the game's characters thanks to a gallery of amazingly detailed renders from former lead character artist Tom Isaksen.

"I worked with the talented programmers at IO Interactive to develop the entire production pipeline for characters and created 100s of characters for the game. The work displayed here is just a small part of the work I did for IO Interactive between 2006 and 2011," Isaksen says of the full gallery.

"Creating characters for a Hitman game poses many challenges that most other games don’t have. Besides creating a living, breathing world with 100s of characters, Agent 47 has the option of taking the clothing of the other characters in the game as a disguise. This means that unlike most other games Hitman have 100s of possible hero characters. This created a huge challenge for the very small character team to manage.

The models are actually "low poly game assets" Isaksen created for the game with each about "12,000 faces (triangles)" according to the artist. "The two girls above were given extra polygons to keep jagged edges to a minimum, you know, for the sake of realism," he added.

Check out the full gallery at the link above.

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