Dead Space 2 Ending 'Could Have Been Better' - Visceral

Tom Hopkins

Dead Space exectuive producer Steve Papoutsis admits the second game's ending could have been better.

Published on Nov 8, 2012

Dead Space 2 ending "got a bit monotonous" and Visceral Games could have "could have done a little better" with it, according to Visceral Games VP and Executive Producer for the series Steve Papoutsis.

"With Dead Space 2, looking back I guess one thing I would like to improve was some of the pacing towards the end of the game," the developer told NowGamer.

"I think we got to the point where we were escalating and escalating, and we got to the point in the game where there was a unique push towards the end, and it got a bit monotonous, up until the boss fight at the very end which I think came out really good," Papoutsis reasoned. "But there, I think the variety, the change of pace at the end we could have done a little better with."

Dead Space 3 is next for Visceral, bringing co-op action to the franchise when it launches in February. Hit the link for the full interview with Papoutsis.



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