Visceral Considered Co-Op For The Original Dead Space

Tom Hopkins

Isaac Clarke almost brought a friend along in the first Dead Space, says Executive Producer Steve Papoustis.

Published on Nov 8, 2012

Dead Space 3 may be debuting the ability to slay Necromorphs with a friend in co-op, but the idea has been knocking around since the first Dead Space game according Visceral Games VP and Executive Producer for the series Steve Papoustis.

"Co-op was something we even talked about with the original Dead Space," he told NowGamer. "At one point quite late in development we had the engineering team set it up so we could play the game in co-op – at that point all we had was another Isaac, it literally was a tacked-on Isaac, and we ran a test and we thought ‘this could be kind of cool’. But we weren’t going to do that unless that character had a meaningful story and was integrated into the story – we couldn’t deliver co-op on that game at the level that we wanted to, so we didn’t do it."

Co-op didn't arrive in Dead Space 2 for other reasons.

"With Dead Space 2 we took a stab at multiplayer – we were very proud of what the team was able to deliver there – it was fun, it was different, it was an inherently Dead Space take on multiplayer. But with Dead Space 3, there’s so many different characters that are interesting in the Dead Space universe, we wanted to bring another one into the story, so that’s where we got the story and the co-op."

Dead Space 3 is out on 8 February 2013.



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