GTA 5 Screenshot Leaks Early

Ryan King


Promotional image for competition uses previously unseen screenshot. Whoops?

Published on Nov 7, 2012

A new Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshot has emerged, the day before GameInformer's big exclusive on Rockstar's adventure hits the shelves.

The screenshot is used for a Shortlist competition to win a GTA 5 photo viewer and the screen hasn't been seen anywhere before.

There's not much to learn from this particular screenshot, so we'll hold off on a 'SECRETS REVEALED! WATER CONFIRMED!' style article because hey! If we did that now, we'd have nothing to talk about tomorrow.

But nevertheless it's a new GTA 5 screenshot and it seems to have come a day before GameInformer was supposed to drown us all in new GTA 5 assets and info. Enjoy.

And, of course, come back tomorrow for more GTA 5 fun...



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