GTA 5 Includes 'Multiple Playable Characters' - Leak

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GTA 5 is hitting Game Informer's cover next week, but a number of details may have already emerged.

Published on Nov 5, 2012

GTA 5 is hitting Game Informer's cover next week, but a number of potential gameplay details have already emerged. A Gamefaqs user claiming to have already seen the issue has let slip a number of potential details of Rockstar’s highly anticipated new GTA.

How trustworthy his claims are is up for debate but he does go on to reveal a number of long-held rumours. Here’s a breakdown of the supposed new features in GTA 5:

  • You’ll play as 42 year old Albert DeSilva, a half-American, half-Puerto Rican US citizen with an ex-wife and two children.
  • Breaking Bad is a subtle reference with Albert turning to crime late in his life.
  • You’ll also play as Dougie Vejo who is a younger criminal living in Los Santos.
  • Grove Street will appear in the game, but Carl and Sweet will not.
  • Albert lost his money in a ‘ponzi scheme’ and this is his prime concern.
  • Players will be able to customize clothes/hair/facial hair, but there won’t be any gyms or tattoos.
  • There could be characters from GTA 4. The article hints ‘one or more’ may show up.
  • Car customization will be back, but this could just focused on Dougie’s character (although this could also be connected with Albert’s mid-life crisis).
  • You’ll be able to play mini-games such as golf, tennis and surfing.
  • The mission played for the GameInformer cover was called ‘Alimony’ and featured the scene from the trailer where characters robbed a jewellery store.
  • Songs confirmed are: My Michelle: Guns & Roses, Magic Power: Triumph, California Dreaming: The Beach Boys and Beautiful: Snoop Dog (featuring Pharrell).

GTA 5 is currently rumoured to have a ‘Spring 2013’ release date and Game Informer’s cover is arriving December 8th.



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