Halo 4's Campaign Is Just Over 6 Hours Long

Adam Barnes


Despite its quality, Halo 4 isn't a particularly very long game: you'll see the credits at around 6 hours of play.

Published on Nov 1, 2012

FPS games these days are becoming increasingly known for their short campaigns. Medal Of Honor: Warfighter can be dusted off between 5 and 6 hours, and we wouldn't be surprised is Black Ops 2 is even shorter.

So it's a shame to discover that Halo 4 takes just over six hours to complete. During our Halo 4 review we finished Halo 4's campaign in six hours and twenty minutes.

And that was on Heroic difficulty.

Of course this was purely heading through the campaign itself: we avoided tracking down the Terminals and nor did we deal with the challenges either - but it's still worth pointing out the fairly short runtime of the campaign as a standalone element.

This doesn't stop Halo 4 from being a fantastic game, as you'll see in our Halo 4 review, and with Spartan Ops, multiplayer and the obvious replay through in co-op there's likely to be a considerable amount of extra time to be found elsewhere with Halo 4.

But what do you think? Is this an acceptable length for an FPS campaign, should the addition of multiplayer guarantee a shorter single-player aspect or do FPS games need to start filling out the campaign content more?

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