GTA 5: New Art Confirms Release Date, Quad Bikes, Police Women

David Lynch


GTA 5 gets two new pieces of leaked promo art.

GTA 5's spring release is looking more and more likely as new art work showing off new characters and vehicles has leaked online.

The images came from a now-deleted tweet from a Brighton branch of Game. The leaked imagery shows off new characters; a police woman arresting another woman and a man standing astride a quad bike holding what looks like a sniper rifle.

At the bottom of the image 'Spring 2013' can be clearly seen, backing up previously leaked art work that also hinted that Rockstar's latest game would be releasing next spring.

Check out NowGamer's previous GTA 5 story release date story backing up claims that Spring 2013 is the predicted release window.

Can you wait that long for GTA 5? Let us know below.


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