SimCity Engine Could Power Sims On 'Variety Of Platforms'

Tom Hopkins

Maxis reveals that SimCity's Glassbox engine could one day head to consoles.

Published on Oct 25, 2012

SimCity looks to be one of the most in-depth management games ever made, with praise being reserved for the simulation power of the Glassbox Engine.

But will the engine follow in the footsteps of other games tech Frostbite 2 or CryEngine 3 and head to consoles?

"I don’t know. We’re really focused on PC and Mac right now. That’s all I can say," SimCity producer Jason Faber, told NowGamer - but that wasn't the end of the matter.

An EA PR expanded on the Maxis' stance adding "The thing we can say about Glassbox is we built that as a foundation for future simulations for the studio and it’s highly scalable, it’s highly applicable to a wide variety of different platforms."

Faber added that the impressive-looking Glassbox engine would "definitely [be] portable to many platforms," but the PR reiterated that SimCity specifially is only in the works for PC and Mac.

What would a Glassbox-powered game look like on consoles? Could PS3 or Xbox 360 do SimCity? Have your say below, or hit the link to check out our SimCity feature with more from Faber.



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