Fuse Is 'More Sophisticated Than Overstrike' - Insomniac

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Fuse's new direction is much more sophisticated than Overstrike, according to Insomniac Games' Brian Allgeier.

Published on Oct 25, 2012

Insomniac Games considers Fuse, it’s re-working of Overstrike, to be much more sophisticated than the original vision.

Overstrike's evolution into Fuse raised a few eyebrows when the studio initially revealed the new direction of the game, but Creative Director, Brian Allgeier, is adamant it’s helping create a better game. 

“I would say Fuse has become a much more sophisticated version of Overstrike,” explained Allgeier. “It’s the equivalent to what Mission Impossible 4 was to Mission Impossible the TV series. We’ve evolved the game to a point where it’s got a lot more depth and richness and dramatic elements as well as levity and lighter elements that are all combined together.”

Fuse removes much of the comedic elements and colourful art style of Overstrike for a much more mature angle, but that’s not to say that Insomniac has totally removed all traces.

There’s an interesting balance at play that should hopefully ensure Fuse is able to steer clear of the po-faced military clichés of modern shooters.

You can read our exclusive interview with Brian Allgeier or let us know what you think below.



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