Forza 5: Turn 10 Hiring For 'Next Forza'

David Lynch


Turn 10 has begun hiring for the 'next Forza', but is that Forza 5 or a next gen version of Microsoft's motorsport sim?

Published on Oct 23, 2012

Turn 10 Studios has begun hiring for what it is calling the ‘next version of Forza Motorsport’, according to job listings appearing on Microsoft's website.

With Turn 10 hiring for new positions, it’s unclear (and at no point stated in the jobs listing) if this ‘next version of Forza’ is indeed Forza 5, or even a next-gen Forza.

With Playground Games releasing Forza Horizion, and potentially entering Microsoft’s motorsport series into a cyclical cycle with Turn 10, we could see Forza enter into an annual release schedule.

The jobs advertised on Microsoft’s website are:

  • Software Development
  • Engineer Lead
  • Vehicle Artist
  • Software Development Engineer

At no point do the job descriptions explain whether the Forza series is moving onto next-gen development, too, but they do explain that Turn 10 and Microsoft are keen to help grow the Forza brand ‘into the top automotive entertainment brand in the world’.

With the Xbox 720 still rumoured for release late next year, does this ramping up of staff infer that Turn 10 is scheduling a Forza launch game to release alongside Microsoft’s new machine?

You can find out what we think about Playground Games' Forza Horizon and don't forget to let us know what you think below.



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