Bethesda: 'We recommend not installing Doom 3 BFG'

Ryan King

Global Community Lead with advice on how to avoid the unusual quirk with Doom 3 on Xbox 360.

Published on Oct 17, 2012

Bethesda recommends Xbox 360 not installing Doom 3 BFG, to avoid the unusual quirk of not being able to playing original Doom.

The message came from Bethesda's Global Community Lead Matt Grandstaff, who was replying directly to the story.

"If you choose to install the game to the Xbox 360 hard drive, you will not be able to launch DOOM or DOOM 2," he said.

"As there is no performance advantage to installing the game to your hard drive, we recommend not installing the game to avoid this issue."

Seems fair enough if there's nothing lost by not installing the game but it still seems to be a completely bizarre technical issue we don't understand.

Then again, that's why we write about games and don't make them.

We'll have the full review up soon.



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