TimeSplitters HD Petition Set Up

Ryan King

Creator of TimeSplitters4PLZ Facebook page throws weight behind new petition.

Published on Oct 15, 2012

A petition has started with the aim of convincing Crytek UK to produce a TimeSplitters HD collection.

The TimeSplitters HD petition has been put together by the creator of the TimeSplitters4PLZ Facebook page, which has over 36,000 members.

"The CEO of Crytek has said that they would love to make a new game, but they don't know how well it would sell in today's industry," reads the petition.

"That's where this petition comes in. The CEO Cevat Yerli also said that if there was enough demand, they would perhaps make a new game. What better way than a new HD collection of all the original games for the PS3 and Xbox 360 to test the waters? If you would like to see this made, then spread and share!"

The petition is currently seeking a staggering 300,000 signatures.



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