Gamers Are 'Tired Of The Current Gen' - Remember Me Dev

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Remember Me's creative director Jean-Maxime Moris believes gamers are saving their money for the next-gen of consoles.

Published on Oct 4, 2012

New IP is becoming increasingly rare, especially as we approach the end of the current generation of consoles. But what does Remember Me's creative director Jean-Maxime Moris think?

X360 Magazine recently spoke to Jean-Maxime Moris about Remember Me, and the difficulties of launching a new IP so late in the cycle were discussed.

"I guess the two major disadvantages that people see in launching new IP at the end of a console cycle," said Jean-Maxime, "is that first people are spending less and less on software because they are tired of the current gen and they are saving their money for new hardware."

Jean-Maxime agrees that launching a new IP is best at the start of a generation, "the ideal scenario is to build your IP at the very beginning of the hardware cycle and then build within that cycle."

It's not all bad, however, "the major advantage is that the install base has never been this big.

"It's my belief and Capcom's belief that if we brought something that was high-quality, innovative and convincing to people, there's no reason we couldn't achieve figures that make this game a success and lead to other iterations."

It's an interesting polar opposite to Halo 4's Frank O'Connor, who believes the current generation could go on for much longer.

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