Resident Evil 6: Exclusive Xbox 360 Content Detailed

Tom Hopkins

Survivor, Predator and Siege modes are confirmed as timed Xbox 360 exclusives for Resident Evil 6.

Published on Oct 2, 2012

Resident Evil 6's timed exclusive content for Xbox 360 has finally been detailed.

The Predator, Siege and Survivor modes will be available on Xbox 360 only for a yet-to-be-specified period of time according to It's not yet clear how players will gain access to them.

Check out the mode descriptions below:

- Survivor Mode takes the classic vs. mode and adds a twist, no more dying quickly and being a spectator until the game has finished. Get killed quickly in Survivor mode and you’ll turn into an enemy character and be able to attack the human characters still playing. Kill two human characters and you’ll be resurrected into human form in the game again. Last man standing wins.

- In Predator Mode up to two players take control of the fearsome Ustanak, the simple task for remaining 6 players? Stop the deadly BOW’s in their tracks, or at least survive till the end of the session. The Ustanak must in turn crush their human targets.

- The final timed Xbox exclusive mode is Siege which sees one team (the humans) having to defend a set amount of NPC’s in the game from attack by a team of enemy characters. The rules are simple if there are any NPC’s alive at the end of the time period, the human team win.



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