Curiosity: 'Even Apple Doesn't Know What's In The Cube' - Molyneux

Tom Hopkins

Peter Molyneux doesn't want anybody to know what's at the centre of iOS experiment Curiosity - incuding Apple.

Published on Oct 1, 2012

Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube? is 22 Cans' very first release and hits App Store this week - but even Apple has no idea what "life-changing" prize Peter Molyneux's iOS experiment is offering.

Asked if the world's most successful company was privy to the contents of the upcoming tap-'em-up, Molyneux told NowGamer: "No. That was a deal-breaker. Otherwise, I would have had to say no to the iOS version as the power of curiosity would be lost.

"The only way I can be utterly confident that nobody knows is by not telling anyone in the world. It’s something, I think, that will surprise people and I predict that as the cube gets smaller, rumours will start to build."

Curiosity's cube will comprise 60 billion pieces, and the surprise at the centre of the cube - previously described as "life-changing" - will not be money Molyneux has confirmed.

"Now it’s over there’s a sense of relief and a sense of loss," Molyneux told us. "The first thing we did, rather than go down the pub, was talk about what we’re going to do on Monday."

Look out for Curiosity when it exits Apple certification later this week.



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