Baldur's Gate Dev Confirms Plans For Original Classic RPG

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Ex BioWare co-founder, Trent Oster, confirms the popularity of Kickstarter has helped free-up creativity to make RPGs like Baldur's Gate.

Published on Sep 25, 2012

Ex-BioWare co-founder, Trent Oster, has confirmed that the recent interest in Kickstarter projects and renewed popularity of classic RPGs, such as Wasteland 2, has re-established his interest in the genre. 

After forming BioWare with Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka, Oster went on to work on the popular Baldur’s Gate series, which many now consider as among the studio’s best.

Speaking to NowGamer, Oster confirmed the recent resurgence in the ‘classic’ RPG, as well as the interest in tactics-heavy isometric strategy sim XCOM, has encouraged him to return to a number of ideas. 

We asked, if the Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition did well, would he be interested in making an entirely new classic RPG?   

"Hell, yes! I've had the concept sitting on the back burner for a couple years now."  

The seeming success many studios have had when raising capital through Kickstarter is giving developers, like Oster's Overhaul Studios, the confidence to follow through on ambitious ideas.

That’s not to say there’s no risk involved, Oster went onto say that the recently announced Kickstarter from Obsidian, Project Eternity, had set its projections far too low.  

"We are watching the Obsidian Kickstarter like a hawk. I'm kind of stumped how they could price it so low though. All my projections come in much higher than the M target they set."  

Oster's current studio, Overhaul Studios, is working on the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, which is released this November.

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