Diablo 3: First Details On PvP, Tokens, Rewards, Ranks & Arenas

David Lynch


Diablo 3's PvP patch is still months away, but Blizzard has left some tantalising clues to its content.

Published on Sep 25, 2012

Diablo 3 has yet to receive the much asked for PvP patch, but there are hints that its addition could be more substantial than previously thought.

The upcoming 1.0.5 patch won’t add PvP to Diablo 3, and its unlikely we'll see its arrival before the end of the year.

But, delving into Diablo 3’s client, Diablo Fans have discovered that Blizzard is planning PvP to be something quite special.

Buried deep in Diablo 3’s client, strings of PvP related lines have been discovered. These lines reveal:

PvP tokens – are the new reward currency for Deathmatch. Winning players will gain gold, experience and tokens.

Gryffith the Warmaster – players will be able to spend these tokens with Gryffith, who can be found at the New Tristram’s Slaughtered Calf Inn.

It’s not clear what you’ll be able to buy with your tokens exactly, but the client also hints that ‘fat loot’ could be high on the list:

“PVPVendorDescript – Spend token to get fat loots!”

Another string lists titles (or perhaps ranks) players could potentially earn when playing PvP:

Scout, Grunt, Sergeant, Senior Sergeant, First Sergeant and Stone Guard are all mentioned.

Even five of the potential PvP arenas have also been discovered within the client:

The Fetid Pools, Pit of the Condemned, Bastion’s Forge, Altar of Courage and Leroic’s Garden.

Excited about Diablo 3’s PvP, like what you see here? Let us know what you think.



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