Resident Evil 6: First Review Score Is In

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The world's first Resident Evil 6 review score is in - but is it any good?

Published on Sep 24, 2012

We have the Resident Evil 6 review scores - all of them. Hit the link for more.

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Resident Evil 6 has scored 88 per cent in the new issue of Play Magazine.

Issue 223, which goes on sale on Thursday and has begun reaching subscribers, carries a six-page review of Capcom's survival-horror and describes it "as a Resident Evil worthy of modern times."

"This is arguably the best co-op game available on PS3 alongside Borderlands 2," says Play.

The review details each individual section - describing Leon's as "the sort of action that would never have been possible with the old Resident Evil framework" and Jake's as "host to Capcom's more ambitious ideas", while Chris' section is held up as the weakest. Ada Wong's campaign is described as "a surprisingly generous addition".

"While long-term Resident Evil fans might still be disappointed by the nod towards action over horror, Capcom finally has the confidence and know-how to pull it off. It's big, it's brutal, it's ballsy and most of all, it's back," Play conclude.

Issue 223 of Play goes on sale on Thursday from newsagents, iTunes, Imagine Shop and Resident Evil 6 itself goes on sale 2 October.



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