Halo Movie: 'We’re Always Open To Doing That' - 343

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Halo 4 is pushing the series' live action angle with Forward Unto Dawn, but 343 is still interested in making a Halo movie.

Published on Sep 20, 2012

Halo 4’s Forward Unto Dawn might look like a big budget Hollywood production, but 343 Industries is still interested in taking Halo to the big screen.

343 Industries’ executive producer, Kiki Wolfkill, is happy to admit the studio, while perhaps not actively looking to make a Halo movie, certainly isn’t averse to the idea.

“We’re always open to doing that,” explains Wolfkill.

“We have great stories to tell and Forward Unto Dawn was a really cool opportunity to explore some live action, but also to explore some different types of storytelling and introduce our young Lasky.”

In some ways, Halo has always had at least one foot in live action territory, with big budget adverts used to promote the series since Halo 3. But, Wolfkill is wary of the dangers of straying too far from what works.

“We are first a game, but we have so many stories we want to tell and there are so many types of mediums for telling those stories that we’ll always want to explore.” 



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